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FB cards are free to receive yours simply stop in the store and sign-up with your email address.

For our frequent shoppers, we offer Frequent Beader cards.  You accumulate stamps for all
your regular priced items and when you get the card filled, you get twenty dollars off your
next purchase.  Can't beat free beads!  Just ask a store associate to sign you up.  This also
gets you signed up for our monthly email newsletters.

What does not get stamped:
-Sale or clearance items
-Sales under $5.00
-Class fees (your class supplies will count toward stamps)
-Bulk items (they already have a great discount on them)
- Multiple receipts can not be added together.  If you have two $3.00 receipts; you may not
combine them to get a $5.00 stamp.

If you forget your card, just bring the non-used receipt and card back with you the next time
you come and you'll get your stamps.  You'll know if your receipts have been counted if they
have a blue World of Beads stamp on it.  
Cards are valid for six months.  You have to fill the card before it expires; but it can be
redeemed any time after that.   
If your card expires before it is filled, DO NOT throw it away.  We can offer a month extension
or move a few complimentary stamps over to a new card.
You'll want to keep track of your card because if you misplace it you'll loose your accumulated
stamps.  We don't keep any records of stamps given out.  We'll be more than happy to start
you a new card if you do misplace it.  But we don't combined cards together.

Designer Account and Tax Exempt
If you are a professional jeweler, please ask about getting a designer account started.  This
card will get you extra savings on most of your purchases.  

Ask one of our associates for more details.

To get a Designer Account:
- You need to have a tax identification number, and have a valid copy of it when you come in.  
The tax exempt form must be for re sale of jewelry or art/craft related fields.
- You'll need to do a $200.00 opener.  That is $200.00 of regular merchandise without any
discounts.  After your opener, you'll start receiving discounts.
- To avoid having to do the $200.00 opener each year, you'll need to fill the card within a
year's time.
-Accounts that have not been used in over 2 years will not be kept open.  All new
paperwork will need to be filled out as well as the $200.00 opener.
-Designer accounts are also tax exempt.  Each purchase must be at least $25.00 or more.

If you do not want to do a Designer account but have an appropriate tax id number, we can
ring your purchase as tax exempt.
-Your tax identification number has to be on file and each purchase must be at least $25.00
or more.

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